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New York City, NY 10011
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Silk Pajamas Is Comfortable And Affordable For Any Occasion
Silk pajamas are a luxurious bed wear that can provide comfort and style for many decades. However, like all luxury items they can only last so long as they are properly taken care of. Silk is a natural fiber that does not stain easily or get hot to the touch. Unfortunately, silk pajamas are often made from inferior quality materials, thus washing them can be a hassle. Some of the most common problems when it comes to washing silk include shrinking, fading, ironing and color fading.

The best way to maintain your silk pajamas is by washing them on cold cycle. This will not only help extend the life of your pajamas but also keep them wrinkle free and looking great. Washing them by hand is an old fashioned method that may be hard to find today but should definitely be in your back up list. Silk is an ideal fiber to wash because it is very easy to handle and does not stain easily.

A lot of people are not too fond of taking their silk pajamas out of the closet and putting them in the washing machine but the truth is that it is not nearly as bad as it seems. Silk is a delicate fabric that can be damaged easily by overwashing. There are many commercial laundry detergents available at your local grocery store that will ruin your pajamas. When you do wash your pajamas make sure that you use the gentle cycle and that you do not bleach them.
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New York City NY 10011
United States
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